Sharp against the heavens’ dark

Would quiet
a heart that feels
your strength,
the eyes that watch
your flight,
the woman shadowing
your strides?

sharp against the heavens’ dark,
my salt,
my curve and sweetness,
love — would it?

© Jan ’10 Heather Quinn, all rights reserved

Three babes in the night

Child of innocence,
child of passion,
now love unclothed:
This child endures
your wintry lightning,
alive in my arms.

Cheek cupped in the palm of a hand,
your sweetness all around,
your pine honey scent thickening my sleep,
an hour’s like years.

© Dec ’09 Heather Quinn, all rights reserved

October afternoon

Inside rain’s light,
eyes closed,
held warm by love,
a little lost in reality-sounds —
    the streets’ soft stuttered roar,
    a jet behind clouds,
    a bird,
    a horn,
    the whirring of a saw —
I heard a voice,
your cello’d song.

© Oct ’09 Heather Quinn, all rights reserved