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Spring appetite

Spring appetite: I want some toasted almonds (a must in April!), a red pear, and some toast, and to walk on the beach in bare feet, even if it’s clammy and cold outside, and a hug from a particular someone … Continue reading

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The Umbrellas of Harlem

This past Thursday in NYC, it rained. It was the first rainy day since last autumn that was warm enough so people weren’t bundled up. The vernal equinox was only a day away. The light was lovely — warm and … Continue reading

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Stepping from a cab onto a rainy street in New York City where I live I’m splashed by cabs that pass at speed forcing force sheets of dirty water up and over enemies on foot, like me. Like that, the … Continue reading

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NYC’s cop horses

Today’s NY Times carries a story about the horse cops in New York. Not the mounted police, but the horses themselves. These beautiful animals deserve great respect for being able to handle a difficult job. I also have much admiration … Continue reading

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NYC and politeness

The NY Times online edition was redesigned a couple of weeks ago. On the whole, the redesign is effective, in my opinion. I’ve begun to read the online edition with more care, because the site is now more inviting and … Continue reading

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