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Music, and the web and journalism

Raghav’s song Humrahee and an essay about how the web is affecting journalism have one thing in common — uncommon beauty. share?

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Short sketches, reversals, and more

Short sketches, reversals, and… the Internet, PDA’s and juries… Am trying to write short stories so I can tighten my story sensibility before I go back to work on the book. Wrote two rough ones on the morning commute. Inspired … Continue reading

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Of the two marmalades I made this weekend, the grapefruit was the more bitter. The clementine marmalade was lovely to the nose and succulent on the tongue, but the grapefruit felt good in my tummy — it was refreshing and … Continue reading

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The Amateur

Calling someone an amateur is a common insult in the USA. But did you know that amateur comes from the French word for lover? An amateur is someone motivated to devote himself to something for the pure love if it. … Continue reading

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