Takes on Google+

As wild as the sea, with a home onshore, always, that’s most safe & well-built. Like loving someone so much that saying so is almost a sin. Like sledding in fresh snow. Like feeding handfuls of grass to a foal. Like walking on a stream’s smooth, wet stones on a hot day. Like lying on a hill in early evening with smells of earth & plants going up one’s nose. Like cousins coming to stay for the summer. Like sleeping in any day of the week. Like dancing on Thursday nights. Like chatter & night walks with adorable Leo guys. Like stepping on a bee in the clover and not caring. Like lying on one’s tummy, breaking open portulaca seed pods & sprinkling the seeds around so there’ll be flowers next year. Like peppermint straws at Christmas time. Like oranges in the winter. Like basil and tomatoes in August. Like home-grown baby potatoes. Like sauted home-grown eggplants (aubergines, brinjals). Like walnuts & almonds. Like swordfish. Like rice. Like lemons. Like Amish Farms milk. Like a kiss & a hug from the best of friends.

Prose poem about how Google+ feels, contrasted with other digital social experiences.

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