Clouds, like Toledo

Riding south, across the river, a mile
below the Bridge, see?
A tower and forested hills, with leaves
glowing in nooks in the bare, smoky trees,
as if someone’s been shooting paintballs
there, and the wind shearing the earth
to the west and the sky to the east,
and sullen, fast-moving clouds rising, like
in El Greco’s Toledo.     

Turn around, love, and see three cities
in a Triborough view:

Manhattan, overhung by massive banks
of dark clouds.
Brooklyn, a sleepy heaven lit by sea-spume
and sun in the wind.
And Queens, calm in soft pink and pools
of white and blue.

Like that, this view’s for you.

View of Toledo by El Greco
View of Toledo by El Greco, at Wikipedia Commons — click on the image, to see it full-sized.

References: (George Washington) Bridge, El Greco (artist), Toledo (oil painting by El Greco), Triborough (Bridge), Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens

© 4 Dec 2007, Heather Quinn, all rights reserved; edited 2 Jan 2012.

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