Questions, answered

For me, movies are a fantastical experience, and when the moviemaker doesn’t honor his or her participation in the world of fantasy, I get bored. On the other hand, movies always raise realistic questions for me, like: Who cleans up the mess after a fight? What happens to the bodies? If a hero’s a great marksman, why shoot twenty rounds when one or two would do? If a hero’s a great man, why can’t he do a little more by way of being noble? Act from good, in the moment, always?

Shoot ‘Em Up is so absurdly over-the-top that its violence becomes acceptable through its surreality. And it addresses the realistic questions for me. It shows how a shoot-out is cleaned up, it shows how a gun specialist would recover after a gun has gotten wet (in a toilet, no less), it shows a noble, inventive hero who puts the needs of the innocent before his own comfort and dignity, consistently.

How anyone could diss this movie is beyond me. Maybe no sense of humor? Maybe no real concern for others? Maybe no love of fairytales?

The movie’s ending is too pat. Otherwise…

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