A new poem from Steve Toth: “Willing to Change”

…Like the rain dropping
everything but its desire
to reach the ground…

— from “Willing to Change” by Steve Toth.

Read the full poem at the warriorpoets forum.

* * *

From the Press Release for Steve Toth’s collection of poems titled Redwood Dreams, published by Poetry Vortex Publishing, 2007:

“A native of the Midwest, Steve met his wife Sheila when both were part of the renowned Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa. After years of living in LA, in 2003 early retirement brought them to Crescent City, CA and also brought to fruition their dream of living in a this modest Eden — where the great redwoods meet the mighty ocean and endless sky. Steve and Sheila own a small piece of land just outside the Crescent City limits upon which they grow food, flowers, write, dream, observe, love and do what they can to give back to the planet.”

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