Mood indigo (original)

in this quiet indigo place
where lake slides over shore
or shore’s dark hands reach into lake
where rain surprises grass
to beat it into reed and water-hyacinth
in this indigo quiet
cloud glances down and back
with coyness as it moves away
a mayfly shimmers in the sun
transparent buzzing scents
in this quiet indigo place

in this indigo quiet
where sense of you slides over me
or sense of me reaches into you
where storms of you erode in me
the caves that house your love
in this quiet indigo place
you move away come back
and watch me as you move away again
art simmers in the summer sun
wanting you transparently
in this indigo quiet

– remembered this old poem when I read shrimoyee’s comment on her Read Meet, 27th July ’07 post at Ryze Caferati — she says correcting a poem draft for punctuation and grammar often makes the poem seem to lose something – that’s often the case for me too.

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