Masala lines

(now then now)
I send my prayers on winds
to clear a fog of mind
all smiles to dry
some very hidden tears
a kiss to smooth
that noble worried brow
my gentle hands to take away
the briers you strew yourself
as half a lifetime’s ritual
unthorn your voice and live
your gifts will still be there
when pain subsides
now here’s a key to free you

(then to now)
oh! how I loved to run with you
up wooden stairs
you took them two-by-two
a leap or three
into the lakes of night
without much thought
of what
we’d find below
the lakes are filled
with rains of others’ hearts
as well as mine
and seeing you
is hard to do
with eyes salt-blind
the shadow of your tree-dark mind
obscures your ancient silly verse
for you not me
deewar jaisi
although I stand
on slipping stones
my balance serves me very well
I dance the stones and never fall
though sun sifts gold into my eyes
from edges of your typhooned nights

(the key)
now come and tear me up once more
it’s me for you and you for me
the phoenix rises every time
to offer you this winey love
and when you’re cold
enrobe your shoulders
with a chadar soft amd warm
stamp your feet
my prayers are in your pocket
mixed with all my loving kindness
can you hear them
don’t they sound like tiny bells
now chale jao if you must go
and if you choose to stay awhile
for now a month or four or more
you’ll chale jao one day I know

(now and always)
the only song I whistle well
is what I whistle as I wait
the key to you is key to free
the free of you is key to me
the key to you is in my hand
now take it with all love

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