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Hank's Telephones web site.
Hank's Telephones is an an e-commerce that uses PayPal's shopping cart to sell beautifully restored and repaired antique and collectible Western Electric (WECO), Bell Systems, and other makes of vintage telephones.  The owner is teaching himself web design and programming, and modifies the content portion of the original design.

This company recently closed up.  I'll be posting an archive of this web site soon.

Sabu Martin Quinn's web site., for my son Sabu Quinn, was my second portfolio site.  Its original color scheme and simplicity were based on Sab's self-designed business card: spare to the extreme and very beautiful.

The site's current look is a redesign by Sabu.

Rivendel Farm web site.
Rivendel Farm
, for a farm for naturally raised table meat animals, such as lamb and goat, was my first portfolio site.

WindyHill Design web site.
WindyHill Design
, my professional site, gets redesigned several times a year.

For a few months in 2002, I taught an online design class.  As each class started, I revised the graphics and styles of the lectures pages to suit the season.  The pages use a CSS2 menu based on one found in's stylesheet reservoir.

First class style. Second class style. Third class style.
First class style, class calendar. Second class style, class calendar. Third class style, class calendar.