Fleurs du plage (2015)

Fleurs du plage (2015, digital painting, PS), by heather quinn

Fleurs du plage (2015, digital painting, PS with Kyle T. Webster brushes), by heather quinn

In the middle of the EDT night, 10th March 2015, as I painted a doodle in Photoshop (with Kyle T. Webster brushes and Wacom tablet, in a new, dedicated-to-art-only workspace), I swung back and forth between instinctive strokes, shapes, textures, and forced ones.

Moved by the heart, I was fiercely happy. But sometimes, too, I felt an imaginary audience, my vanity, at war with the heart, muddying the vision, overworking the effort, fracturing the story I couldn’t fully see as yet. Afraid of a commitment, I hadn’t planned anything. I was trying out brushes, is all.

I had to stop after two hours because of work scheduled for the morning. But I wanted to continue, to uncover a particular poignant tension I feel between a weather-battered sandy shore, and the tufts of grasses and flowers that grow in its sheltered places. That having to stop has been a constraint for a long time. Behind the having-to-stop-iness hides one who’s is looking for who she is, and what her hands can say.

#relearning #art #mindfulness #losetheego #digitalpainting #Photoshop #Wacom #KyleTWebsterbrushes

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