Inside the tree again

Now trying a post where the image is not a featured one. Will it work in Facebook sharing?  ? ?

Inside the tree (digital photo), by heather quinn
Inside the tree (digital photo), by heather quinn

Nope. Facebook doesn’t “see” the image.

It works fine on Google+. It also works fine on Pinterest.

Haven’t tried it with Twitter, via a Twitter card, or Tumblr, as yet…

Inside the tree

I’m testing how a featured image works in a WordPress post.

You set a featured image via an option in the Add New Post or Edit Post panel.  You won’t see the featured image in the body of the post, as you edit.

But you will see it occupying the top of the post, once it’s finished.

The good thing about a featured image is that many social media platforms recognize it, and will include a copy of the image when you share your post.

Let’s see if that works.

OK, here’s the deal:

It works fine with some social media platforms, like Pinterest and Google+ — the featured image is embedded in your social media share, and the visual results are great.

But with Facebook, there are problems. To make shares work with images on Facebook, you need a social sharing tags plugin that sets up the correct Open Graph values. A good one is this. Also: wait at least ten minutes after adding a WP post, before you share it on Facebook — otherwise Facebook make not be able to retrieve the image in your post. And if you do post to Facebook, and Facebook does not pick up the right image, clear Facebook’s share cache via this Facebook debugger tool, then wait a few minutes before trying again.

Twitter, no — they prefer you to upload images via your tweet, for safety’s sake. I am trying to see if I can get Twitter cards working with that social sharing tags plugin. Nope. Twitter cards are ads with images. My Twitter accounts aren’t business accounts, and I’m not going to pay for Twitter ads. So I did tweet this with an image, here, but I did it manually.

Tumblr I haven’t tried yet…